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August 13, 2015
September 14, 2015
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DL 1961

DL 1961 is coming to your favorite store in Burlington, Ecco! Ecco's second DL 1961 trunk show will be on August 28, 2015!  There will be a raffles and gifts from the DL 1961 team, and a chance to win your own pair! Make sure you come and check it out! The Ecco team will be waiting to help you find the fit and style that you need!  Below inform yourself thoroughly on what DL 1961 is all about and learn more about what they have to offer! Designed and launched in New York, DL 1961 denim has become one of the largest denim brands in the country, and especially Burlington, Vermont.  The company is known and specializes in their high performance denim and different fabrics that are carefully weaved together to ensure everyone can find their perfect fitting pair. As stated by the DL1961 team, “With 98% shape retention, 360 degree movement and a wide variety of washes, fabrics & weights, our collection provides customers with denim that outperforms everything in their closet.” The information below was taken from the DL 1961 website helping to explain about their fabrics in depth. DLX A unique blend of American cotton + XFIT Lycra/DualFX constructed in comfort + fit to move 360 degrees. DLX HYBRID A super soft classic denim, with a higher percentage of cotton than our other fabrics, made to move 360 degrees. DLPRO A unique blend of American cotton + XFIT Lycra/DualFX combined with ProModal to 360 degrees. XTWILL Lycra and American Cotton are combined in specialized constructions and weaving processes to create a breathable and flexible twill that can be worn all year long. Aside from their different fabrics DL 1961 also has their three types of collections, their instasculpt denim, Performance denim, and Activex denim. Below is another piece from the DL1961 website explaining the difference between collections. INSTASCULPT DENIM Smart Denim that microsculpts  your legs, butt + midsection. CHARACTERISTICS: Woven with American Cotton Features T400 Lycra Fibers Butt-Lifting Pocket Placement No Baggy Knees Available in both DLX and dlpro PERFORMANCE DENIM The original performance denim. A technologically advanced collection of denim and twills made for the modern man. Featuring revolutionized fabrics and treatments that are made to withstand heat and odor, as well as move 360 degrees.  CHARACTERISTICS: Woven with American Cotton Features T400 Lycra Fibers 360 Movement ACTIVEX Smart Denim crafted in fit + fabric to move 360 degrees. CHARACTERISTICS: Woven with American Cotton Features T400 Lycra Fibers 360 MovementCross-Weave Technology




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