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Chinese Laundry


Looking for your new favorite pair of heels? Well look no further, Chinese Laundry is one of the best companies out there, and they’re ready to give you, your new favorite pair of heels. Ecco Clothes has been carrying Chinese Laundry for years, and never failed to be every customers favorite. Not only are they comfortable, but they are simple, elegant styles that match with every outfit!

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Chinese laundry is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California, by Cel Enterprises. It began selling to mass merchants in 1971, and has expanded its footprint in the shoe industry ever since. Since its existence the company has expanded into seven branded divisions within the Chinese Laundry family. The two that Ecco is carrying right now are, CHINESE LAUNDRY and KRISTIN CAVALLARI BY CHINESE LAUNDRY.

Here are some of the styles Ecco is carrying right now, more to come!

The Olivia:




The Oracle, part of the Kristin Cavallari Collection:







We feel the cold just as much as you do, and it only going to get colder! There is nothing more a Vermont woman needs during the winter months than a cashmere sweater from VINCE. VINCE is one of the best cashmere companies available today, and you can find select styles at ECCO! With great care and love you will for sure have your sweater from VINCE for a lifetime!

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VINCE was founded in 2002 with the intention of creating the most essential clothing for women across the country. Originally, their line was exclusively available in department stores, but now can be found anywhere in the U.S. VINCE is perfect for the everyday woman who aspires to stay on trend, while also feeling comfortable in their skin. Below are some of the styles ECCO is carrying today!

Vince_Textured_Crew_Neck_Drop_Shoulder_Sweater_2images vince-black-cashmere-front-pocket-turtleneck-sweater-product-0-405063224-normal vnv307876348_crimson_setmedium


Your New Winter Coat!

Ecco is very excited to now be carrying Woolrich and outdoor and lifestyle jackets and coats company. Woolrich’s cozy coats will be your go to winter coat during Vermont’s snowy winter months. Built with the top quality fabrics, they will last you a lifetime.

Woolrich wear was first created in 1830 by an English immigrant named John Rich, he built his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania, and sold his woolen fabric, socks, coverlets, and yarn from a mule cart. Since then, his company has flourished and is now one of the most popular winter wear in the country.  What has not changed in all those years is “ Woolrich’s commitment to quality, value, and products that fit the outdoor lifestyle. And most of all, their commitment to their customers.”

Here are some of the Woolrich coats Ecco is carrying right now!


Women Woolrich Artie Parka Black 74_03_LRG




Ecco is happy to introduce Supergas! Supergas are one of the trendiest and chic sneakers around! These cute flat sneakers come in all different colors, and are perfect for everyday wear. They will always be comfortable and it is easy to dress them up or dress them down. Supergas are for sure going to be your go to sneakers this fall.

The Superga company shoe company started in 1911 in Torina Italy. A man named Walter Martiny, started the manufacturing of rubber-soled footwear. After a while of making shoes, in 1925, Superga created their signature shoe, the 2750 style (displayed below)! This classic style is made with canvas and a rubber sole.

Since the 2750 style was created it has been a fashion and style must have. It has been on trend since it’s creation and still is today. If you don’t already have a pair come into Ecco and find your perfect pair! We offer different colors and even the high top style!

image4xxlOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA superga-2750-cotton-canvas-sneakers-navy-3_grande url



DL 1961


DL 1961 is coming to your favorite store in Burlington, Ecco! Ecco’s second DL 1961 trunk show will be on August 28, 2015!  There will be a raffles and gifts from the DL 1961 team, and a chance to win your own pair! Make sure you come and check it out! The Ecco team will be waiting to help you find the fit and style that you need!  Below inform yourself thoroughly on what DL 1961 is all about and learn more about what they have to offer!

Designed and launched in New York, DL 1961 denim has become one of the largest denim brands in the country, and especially Burlington, Vermont.  The company is known and specializes in their high performance denim and different fabrics that are carefully weaved together to ensure everyone can find their perfect fitting pair. As stated by the DL1961 team, “With 98% shape retention, 360 degree movement and a wide variety of washes, fabrics & weights, our collection provides customers with denim that outperforms everything in their closet.”

The information below was taken from the DL 1961 website helping to explain about their fabrics in depth.


A unique blend of American cotton + XFIT Lycra/DualFX constructed in comfort + fit to move 360 degrees.


A super soft classic denim, with a higher percentage of cotton than our other fabrics, made to move 360 degrees.


A unique blend of American cotton + XFIT Lycra/DualFX combined with ProModal to 360 degrees.


Lycra and American Cotton are combined in specialized constructions and weaving processes to create a breathable and flexible twill that can be worn all year long.

Aside from their different fabrics DL 1961 also has their three types of collections, their instasculpt denim, Performance denim, and Activex denim. Below is another piece from the DL1961 website explaining the difference between collections.


Smart Denim that microsculpts  your legs, butt + midsection.

CHARACTERISTICS: Woven with American Cotton Features T400 Lycra Fibers Butt-Lifting Pocket Placement No Baggy Knees Available in both DLX and dlpro


The original performance denim. A technologically advanced collection of denim and twills made for the modern man. Featuring revolutionized fabrics and treatments that are made to withstand heat and odor, as well as move 360 degrees. 

CHARACTERISTICS: Woven with American Cotton Features T400 Lycra Fibers 360 Movement


Smart Denim crafted in fit + fabric to move 360 degrees.

CHARACTERISTICS: Woven with American Cotton Features T400 Lycra Fibers 360 MovementCross-Weave Technology





AG Jeans


Chic, sophisticated and classic as the AG team describes their jeans. And yes, it is more than true. AG Jeans are one of the best denim brands out there. Their comfortable fabrics and never ending new looks are perfect for everyone looking for their favorite pair of jeans. AG Jeans started in 2000 by a denim pioneer Yul ku, originally created to be an exclusive premium denim brand, it turned its image into a more contemporary and lifestyle brand in 2008 when Samuel Ku, son of Yul Ku, took over as the brand’s Creative Director.

However, AG doesn’t stop with beautiful comfortable jeans for everyone, the brand is also socially and environmentally active and driven.

Here is a piece taken from the AG Jeans websites that elaborates on their environmental responsibilities.

 Water Conservation

We place a high priority on reducing our water usage. Our production facilities utilize Ozone Technology, which cuts water consumption by 50 percent while minimizing the use of chemicals and energy. First implemented in 2010, the Ozone process has saved millions of gallons of water.

Eco-Friendly Fibers

Premium fabrics are a core component of our designs, and we source materials that benefit our customers as well as the planet. Many of our textiles incorporate sustainable fibers such as Tencel® and Modal®, which are entirely natural and biodegradable.

Waste Reduction

AG takes great care to reduce the amount of waste we generate. We cut our patterns in a way that maximizes fabric yardage and keeps the amount of leftover materials at a minimum. Excess scraps are collected for recycling on a weekly basis, totaling approximately 1,300 to 1,400 pounds per week, and are repurposed as home and car insulation.

Energy Efficiency

We continually invest in the latest technology in order to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing facilities. Our heat-saving equipment recycles heat from commercial dryers, reducing laundry energy consumption by up to 46 percent.


AG jeans also has a “Green Label” which was made for a more active lifestyle. The mission was to redefine sportswear for the modern era. Creating the green line was specific to the active lifestyle. Their styles are made with quality and the image of “sharp yet comfortable attire”. Mostly specific for golfers, the green label is styled beyond just the golf course.

If you’re not convinced yet, come into Ecco and try on some AG jeans! Here are just some of the styles we are carrying right now!



Your Perfect Summer Sandals

Sandals are the must have of the summer! Hot summer sandals are going to be one of your summer staples for all of your cute outfits. Investing in a cute, comfortable pair of summer sandals is the smartest and most rewarding thing you will do, and what better place to get them than at Ecco?!

Whether it is a flat sandal or a small open toed wedge, Ecco has it for you, check out some of the styles we are carrying in store today!

Flats are great paired with shorts, dresses, skirts, and jeans! Wear a cute pair of flats with all of your summer outfits to complete your entire look. What’s better than being comfortable and looking cute? When buying a pair of cute flat sandals you know you will be able to walk around and be comfortable at the same time.


3075047-p-MULTIVIEW images-1 imgres copy imgres



Wedges and small heels are also great paired with any summer outfit. Whether you’re going out on the town with your girlfriends or going out on a hot date, wedges are a perfect way to complete your look. Wear them with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts for all of your summer occasions.

imgres-1imagesimages copy




AMO Translated Is The Latin Root Word For Love


Yes it is true! Ecco is proud to now be carrying a new denim line. Since we are the denim hot spot of downtown Burlington, we knew there was no better way to start off July than gaining a new denim line. Recently created, AMO denim has five specific must have styles that targets all customers. Created by industry veterans with experience from True Religion and Current Elliot, AMO’s five styles are cut from the best vintage denim and range from your true boyfriend jean to your true skinny jean. All of their denim is carefully made with love so that everyone can find their perfect jean. Below is a small excerpt from the AMO website that elaborates further on the AMO story


Longtime friends and self proclaimed denim soulmates, Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars founded AMO in 2014 out of a personal desire and void in the market.  ”We couldn’t find the jeans we wanted to wear” both stated, ”We absolutely love vintage jeans, but we find that they rarely fit well and are often uncomfortable.  We wanted that vintage look, but also wanted a jean that fit perfectly, and that felt good on.

But it doesn’t stop here, AMO also works with a non-profit organization named SNP LA. This non-profit organization is the largest nonprofit spay and neuter animal welfare organization in California. When buying a pair of AMO denim, you know that a small portion of the proceeds are going to a loving and nurturing organization. What better way to shop? Here is another excerpt from the AMO website explaining in depth what SNP LA does.

 SNP LA’s vision is to ensure that spay, neuter and veterinary wellness services are affordable and accessible to all pet owners in the Los Angeles area and to create an environment in which animal shelters no longer rely on euthanizing animals as a way of controlling pet population.  SNP LA has spayed and neutered over 100,000 cats and dogs – preventing millions of animals from being born into homelessness.

Here are the 5 styles that AMO carries. Each come in different washes which include distressing and non-distressing. Come to Ecco this July and find your new favorite pair of jeans from AMO denim!





















Made In The USA


Did you know that most of Ecco’s brands are made in the USA? Well it’s true almost all of our denim brands and about half of our dresses, tops, and accessories are all made here, in the USA.  Made in the states brands have such an effect on the environment and on the country’s economy. Almost always, brands that are made in the states have higher labor standards and allow safe working conditions, plus they all have a higher standard when it comes to keeping the environment clean. When you choose products made in the USA, you contribute to the payment of an honest day’s work for laborers. We at Ecco are happy to contribute to all positive aspects of Made in the USA brands products, and encourage others to contribute as well. This Fourth of July stop in at Ecco and receive 20% off all denim! Let us help support your country! Below are some of the brands that are Made in the USA.

imgres-1 imgres-2


imgres-3 imgres-4 imgres-5imgres-5 imgres-6 imgres


Boyfriend Jeans are Your Calling!

Tired of your tight skinny jeans and leggings? Well thanks to Ecco it will be easy to find a comfortable boyfriend jean for the days you feel like looking cute, but staying comfortable. Boyfriend jeans come in different washes and styles. Below are some of the styles that Ecco carries.

 Citizens of Humanity Emerson: The Emerson by Citizens of Humanity is the company’s slimmest boyfriend jean and one of Ecco’s most popular seller. This jean is comfortable with its soft fabric, but also very stylish. It is easy to pair with a t-shirt for your casual days and a leather jacket for a cute going out look.


The Ex-boyfriend Slim by AG jeans:  This boyfriend is cut at a mid rise and can be bought with distressing or without distressing. Usually has some fading in the thighs and fits a little bit looser than most of the “slim” labeled boyfriend jeans. Pair this jean with a cute booty for a night out, or with a stylish sneaker for daytime to do’s.


The Jimmy Jimmy by Paige denim: The Jimmy Jimmy is slim through the waist and hip,  and skinny yet slouchy through the thigh and leg. It works for any type of occasion and comes in distressed and non-distressed washes, making it easy to find your perfect pair. Below you see Kendell Jenner rocking the Jimmy Jimmy on a sunny day.


The Relaxed Skinny By Seven For All Mankind: This relaxed skinny has comfort stretch and authentic denim. It is made with a super soft denim for ultimate comfort. Comes in many different washes to ensure each customer can find the right wash to fit in their wardrobe.