360 Stretch


Here at ECCO pride ourselves on having the largest premium denim selection in Vermont. With our vast selection we have come to find some favorite brands along the way, and DL1961 is one of those brands. DL1961 has gone on record to claim their denim “as the smartest denim in the world.” Who could resist a pair of jeans with that kind of reputation?

Here are the 5 reasons why we, here at ECCO, love DL1961 denim


1. That 360 stretch

DL1961 uses a cotton and XFIT Lycra that allows their jeans to have a 360 stretch so they move with you. Not only does this denim allow for movement, but it keeps it shape throughout the entire day allowing you to look as polished as you did when you first got dressed.

DL1961 Fitting Room

2. Low Maintenance Jean

DL1961 has the Silvadur technology in their denim which protects denim from odor causing bacterias that build up on your jeans when worn. This allows for you to wash your jeans less, which further protects and extends the life of your product. By cutting down on washes you can protect your jeans from discoloration, loss of tensile strength or elasticity.

3. The Instasculpt

The instasculpt technology that DL1961 puts into their denim allows for the most flattering fit. The instasculpt is designed to elongate, slim, lift and tone your butt and thighs while still keeping you comfortable all day.

DL1961 Instasculpt


4. Petite, Curvy, and Tall

They have mastered how to fit a woman’s body regardless of shape or size. For those petite women they offer a variety of styles with the perfect length. Curvy girls can finally find happiness in a pair of jeans that don’t gap around the waist, and for our tall ladies they have jeans that are finally long enough for those legs.

Body Types

5. Staying Fashionable and Current

The reason we love DL1961 the most is their variety in styles. You are able to have your everyday jean, your dark wash, and that statement jean to show your fun and fashionable side when you want something a little different.

DL1961 Styles

We love DL1961 so much that the rep for their company is stopping by ECCO on Friday, January 16th. She’s giving the lovely ladies of Vermont a sneak peak into the styles for spring, and a chance to get a pair of DL’s of your own! All day we will be here to help you find that perfect pair jeans.

Not only will you find your new favorite jean, we also will have gifts with purchase and raffles to win even more fun stuff from ECCO. We expect to see you ladies there!